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For someone who grew up watching "Mulan" every day... it's about time she made a kids film.

BOOM! Even with crows, wind and bouncing balls, Charlie managed to make ZB sound fab.

The editor edits, and that's

exactly what this editor did.

He edited the heck out of ZB.

Contracts, emails, being an excellent mentor. All in a days work for Claudia Pickering.

Carrrrrl. Carrrrrl. Carrrrrl.

You didn't drop the camera... good job mate. 

Sometimes you gotta write

some annoyingly catchy music,

ya know? 

Once a director met an AD in a mattress store, and then she did a phenomenal job on set.

He lights up a room, both physically (because that is his job) but mentally too.

An apple crunch sounds like a bone snapping right?

Yes Oscar, turns out you are right.

This self-proclaimed Gryffindor 

was certainly brave when he

agreed to DOP a micro feature.

With Ash comes fun, laughs

and warmed up soup

that looks like vomit. 

Someone loves colouring more than our lead, Frankie?

Of course, it's our gradist, Rio.



Sheryl Lal

Jason Flynn

Simone Gage

Michelle Davis

Jodie Morgan

Sonya Marturano

Jenni Anderson

Vicki Jackson



Mansoor Noor  |  BTS/ Photography

Daphne Grehan  |  Catering/ Costumes

Kristina Moschella  |  Makeup

Andy Sutton  |   VFX

Alexander Mitchell  |  2nd Assist Cam

Sky Dominic  |  2nd Unit Lighting

Dario Nadile  |  Production Assistant

special thanks


Jackson Speed

Rod Tuckerman

Madeleine Osborn

Vicky Stevenson

Vera Pickering

Brennan Martin 

Madeliene Slater

Constable Tracy Watts

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