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This is Lauren's first feature and she is so excited to play a character so much like herself.

You might recognise Ant from STC's "Black is the New White" or the Aussie Flick "Downunder".

Cooper is a versatile actor. He plays humans really well... and zombies exceptionally.

Karina or Marina? Why not have both. Karina has a wealth of experience in acting.

Natassija is a budding actress from Sydney, Australia. She may or may not be ten years old.

This legend is Claudia. She plays Ms Green who only wears yellow and produced the whole shebang.

Ned and the whole Morgan bunch are into acting. Once he even shaved his head in a film. 

Award-winning Keoni, is a talented young actor and model who enjoys being on screen. 

our extras


Isabel  Waterman

Mia Porter

Savannah Whalley

Kyle Whalley

Sebastian Arko

Tyler Parkin

Theo Masters-

Noah Sathiah

Anna Chamberlain

Layla Ryan

Phoenix Valledor

Ava Chouvin

Ryan Yeates

Damon Koles

Oliver Smith

Martha Morgan

Indigo Flynn

Sarah Currie

Sierra Davis 

Sae Tamano

René Whalley

Liam Stankovic-Spice

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